An online Risk Management platform that guides you through the entire risk management process.

Our integrated and automated features provide you with an overview of your risk assessments, mitigating measures, current events and incidents with audits.

  • Interactive Incident Mapping
    • External data Feeds Incidents occurring in an area
  • Built In Threat Templates
  • Built in Treatments
  • Dashboard Charts
  • Drill Down Reports

Read more about how our risk management platform will create value for your organization with our features listed below or watch our product video:

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Create a risk assessment with just a few clicks

Recommendation engine automatically suggests which threats should be included based on asset characteristics

Library of templates to choose from, or create your own

Quickly distribute company policy and standards through templates and rating definitions

Financial overview from assigning potential costs to threats

Risk Assessment


Mitigating Measures


Recommendation engine automatically suggests mitigation measures to match threats

Define company standard measures to ensure assets are compliant with all requirements

Add deadlines to make managing implementation easier

Assign responsibility to the right person

Implementation dashboard shows you upcoming tasks and where to focus

Keep track of all internal security incidents on both desktop and the mobile app

Subscribe to incident reports and subscribe others to get notified instantly

Engage stakeholders in comments within the report to discuss how to handle the incident and resume business-as-usual

Integrate external incident reporting from third party data sources to stay updated on current events and threats

Incident Reporting


Quickly create ongoing management tasks such as inspections, controls or reviews

Delegate tasks to responsible employees

Mobile app lets you complete tasks on the go

Notifications and the weekly email report keep you updated on progress

Complete audit trail as every action is logged and saved

Monitoring and Audit




Templates provided to make risk assessment, threat assessment and measure details consistent

Scale your organization’s security policies by creating your own templates and ratings

Dashboards allow you to quickly communicate key data

Messaging and comments let you keep track of relevant conversations

Managing risks should be an integral part of running your business

As an organization, you have to safeguard your most valuable resources; your employees, your assets and your reputation. Not only because of the moral obligation, compliance with standards as the PAS3001 (duty of care) or PAS200 (crisis management) but also because it creates value for your customers and therefore your business.

Risk management is a question of prioritizing resources. That prioritization should be done on an informed basis where facts and lean, automated processes ensure alignment with your business strategy, while optimizing resources and the effect of mitigating measures in your organization. Our platform simplifies and automates a traditionally cumbersome and ineffective risk management process.


A part of our platform is an incident report module. Data on previous incidents is key to establishing preventive measures so your organization is proactive rather than reactive; avoiding future incidents rather than just treating the symptoms.

Our platform is designed to integrate with live information sources and we provide our clients with several different data feeds from external vendors. One example of intelligence keeping our users automatically updated on existing and emerging threats are the global security incident updates, country risk summaries and country risk levels.

Our incident reports module allows you to filter the entire 50.000+ security incidents already available.

Risk Assessment Questions


With increasing certainty, corporate and government auditors are implementing requirements or expecting organizations, including banks, other financial institutions, universities and hospitals to conduct security risk assessments on a regular basis. However, many organizations that do perform what they perceive as 'risk assessments' currently utilize an outdated list of physical security threats stored within an Excel spreadsheet that is managed and analyzed manually.

This traditional, time consuming approach is only a vulnerability assessment, and not a true risk assessment, which includes the specific controls and safeguards needed to eliminate security threats, while providing a cost benefit analysis of the associated financial data and a projected Return on Investment (ROI) based on implementation of the selected security controls.

If your department or staff is responsible for satisfying regulators, providing value added physical security data internally and ultimately protecting EVERYONE at a physical location from harm and security threats, then automated risk assessment is the tool of choice. For more information on why proper risk assessment is so necessary, please click here to request a discussion and demonstration to determine which tool is best suited for your organization.


Gordon Security Solutions (GSS) offers a comprehensive risk assessment, through affordable and easy- to-use software tools, that automate the surveying, data collection, analysis and reporting for physical security threat assessments and the management of these security risks.

A risk assessment is a process used to identify what controls are needed to protect your critical or sensitive assets adequately as well as cost effectively. Our risk assessment software determines and quantifies risk by analyzing the relationships between: assets value, potential threats to these assets, the vulnerabilities that would allow the threats to occur, the types of losses that the threats could cause, and then most critically, safeguards that would reduce loss or eliminate threats.

The true value of an automated risk assessment is that our automated tool cuts down your organization's risk analysis time commitment by 70% when compared with a manual, spreadsheet-driven analysis. Additionally, users of our risk assessment products have the flexibility to conduct risk analysis within an organization in a variety of ways: vulnerability assessment only, risk assessment only, vulnerability and risk assessment combined, with or without financial data, and with or without ROI data. To learn more about the extensive value and flexibility of our risk assessment software, please Click Here and we will reach out to you when it is convenient to discuss your options.


A risk assessment can be a time consuming process involving many building, campuses across states, the country and world wide. Our software will both organize and reduce the time (by up to 60%) you spend on all of your assessments. Once setup your system is ready for repeat assessments.

The Risk Assessment is a critical part of any business. Without a complete understanding of the current vulnerabilities, both quantitative and qualitative you are only guessing when you put together your security plan.


The cost benefit of purchasing GSS risk assessment software becomes startlingly clear when confronted with the proposition of a manual risk analysis using in-house employees and simple spreadsheets. While the manual risk assessment can take from 10 to 15 weeks to complete and cost many thousands of dollars in lost productivity man hours, our automated risk assessment tool should only require about two weeks, resulting in tremendous man hour cost savings.

Beyond cost effectiveness, a critical feature of our automated risk assessment tool is the ability to quantify your organization's risks. Our tools provide a ROI metrics based on the control cost mitigating the vulnerability to the associated loss and asset value which best mitigates the risk.
Through the risk assessment reporting tool, you will be able to generate easy-to-understand graphs to include in your assessment reports. For a more detailed explanation of the comprehensive risk assessment software, please Contact Us for a personal demonstration of how you can save time and justify your security budgets.


In our current environment of challenging local, state and national security issues, risk management requirements will continue to increase and demand more standardization. Without a doubt, measuring and managing your organization's physical security by Return on Investment is the ultimate expression of corporate accountability. Conducting an automated risk assessment is the best way to meet your security requirements, quantify areas of weakness, justify which security controls to implement first, and validate your security budget while monitoring its cost savings potential.

To schedule a demonstration of our risk assessment options, contact Gordon Security Solutions.

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