We know security, Not just the software

Two applications for better management


An end-to-end security risk management platform

Assess threats - Identify vulnerabilities,

Treatments to mitigating - risk management process

Incident Reporting - Audits


Security Management: includes many aspects. Security management starts with a plan developed using standards and the knowledge of all aspects of your business, these attributes combined will drive the security plan.

The security plan includes policies, procedures, and the actions of performing the plan. All well laid plans require the review of their results. Every environment is continually changing, the key is to keep up with the changing environment we live in.

Most organizations are up and running smoothly, we are here to ensure you have the tools to work with. GSS is here to assist in any capacity, so you can easily run your security department.


Gordon Security Solutions provides services and software solutions assisting you to make the right decisions for your organization. Every organization is different. Allow GSS to work with you in designing the best plan and implement the right solutions to make you aware and effective, so you can reduce vulnerabilities and losses. An outside view of your organization will see things which may be transparent to the everyday eye.

We live in a digital age, understanding threats and vulnerabilities, realizing the advantages to implementing integrated sophisticated security management software solutions will assist in loss prevention, mitigating potential incidents, reducing losses quickly and easily with minimal intervention.

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