Gordon Security Solutions works with our clients to ensure you have the information you need to optimize the use of your systems

Services include but are not limited to the following:

System Software Decisions, Sales and Development:

Making the right decision on which solution to implement and in what order can be challenging. Gordon Security Solutions can help. We recommend a software solution to manage incidents, current and projected, manage audits to keep on top of management, all integrated together with an assessment module. The result of using these integrated tools is daily incident management tasks and a current risk assessment . Your assessment will identify vulnerabilities, validate your security budget, and monitor its cost savings potential. Cost justification is determined using a metrics based ROI using potential risks, vulnerabilities and controls cost.

Once vulnerabilities and controls have been identified, the next step is to plan the implementation of controls, policies and procedures.  All aspects of the process can be performed by you or with assistance provided through Gordon Security Solutions.

Threat and Risk Assessments:

GSS provides multiple options when it comes to a risk assessment. We will provide an application allowing you to run your own assessment(s) one or multiple times. Utilizing the same application we can/will assist with any and all parts from the setup, management, running and completion of your assessment from start to finish. All services are tailored to your needs and requirements.

Assessments are setup to meet standards specific to and required in your industry. Detailed reports provide all findings, including the controls necessary to mitigate the vulnerabilities determined, based on your assets, and the effect each control has to reduce the determined vulnerabilities, liabilities, and potential losses which may occur in your facility.

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System Consultation and Design:

GSS will get together and go through your current security assessment, installed systems, policies, procedures, data collected, objectives and goals. Through this process we will outline the big picture providing a road map to meeting your needs and requirements, both current and future. After a thorough review is completed recommendations will be reviewed and implemented streamlining your systems and process reducing time spent, increasing understanding, reducing incidents and losses from occurring.

If you do not have a current risk assessment, GSS has the software and can, if needed assist with running a current company appropriate risk assessment.

Regular assessments measure current vulnerability, and ongoing assessments measure the affect of the changes implemented. Each assessment will encompass standards designed specifically for your organization.

System Training:

Training is provided on an as need basis, to ensure you and your team know how to maximize any system, understand all policies, including the running of procedural drills for your team and company..

Continued Evaluation and Education is an excellent way to evaluate how you are using your system, and the effectiveness of each implemented treatment, while making any modifications necessary to ensuring you are meeting goals and objectives. The process includes data analysis, with discussions of process and procedure development and implemention. Recommendations and system changes will be provided and implemented to assist you and your team in meeting and exceeding goals.