Gordon Security Solutions focuses on providing risk management and loss prevention software, addressing all areas within a company to determine vulnerabilities, identify threats, and reduce incidents. Our security management and risk assessment software is an online platform assessing all potential threats, the associated risks and vulnerabilities, assisting with process, procedures, and management functions. The end result will reduce risks and losses, and improve performance within multiple areas of your company.

GSS's goal is to provide you with cost effective solutions to mitigate the vulnerabilities leading to the greatest losses.

Gordon Security Solutions, LLC, is a limited liability corporation owned and operated by Scott Gordon("Scott"). Scott has experience in business and software-based computer management services after years of selling and implementing proprietary security, facilities management, and other risk management software.

From 2000 to 2005, he represented Integrated Command Software working with clients providing integrated solutions to manage security and facilities management needs of client enterprises ranging from universities, airports, power plants utilities, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies.

In 2005, Scott formed his own company, Gordon Security Solutions LLC, to specialize in consulting with their clients, focusing on security management, identifying management needs then implementing cost-effective software based management solutions designed to meet needs and budgets.

Mission Statement
At GSS, our purpose is to empower our clients, assisting by increasing the effective management through a complete understanding or what, where when and how. Our goal is to assist you to understand exactly what is taking place, where and when and how it is taking place. Our clients are reducing vulnerabilities and losses, saving time and money in the process. At GSS, we believe in the use of technology to connect all areas of a company, managing and training, discovery of vulnerabilities, identifying of trends and threats all in a fraction of the time with our assistance.

Gordon Security Solutions was established with an avid interest in powerful state-of-the-art solutions. GSS has a strong understanding of the start and ongoing process in any business. GSS is excited to work with current and new clients to assist in creating a precise foundation and ongoing management process.

GSS is your security management solutions strategist.

Scott Gordon
Gordon Security Solutions

Security Management
Security management is more than the actions of the officer, security management starts with government mandated standards that drive the security plan.

The security plan includes policies, procedures, and the actions performing the plan, it moves into the review of the results off all actions, continually keep up with the changing environment we live in.

We must start with one foot in front of the other ensuring there is a strong base to work with. GSS is here to assist from the start with planning, through the honing in and comfortable running of an existing security management plan.